Word salads (primary)

In this lesson, students arrange words on the smart board in order to create acceptable sentences.


  • Use implicit grammatical knowledge to arrange word tiles on a smart board into sentences.

Lesson Plan

The teacher explains that today, we will arrange words to make sentences. All of the example sentences here have been drawn from our corpus.

Activity 1 in the right hand menu contains slides with word tiles that can be arranged into statements. Students can use their implicit knowledge of grammar to arrange the words appropriately. When words are placed side by side, the word tiles will link up. Double-clicking the tiles will disconnect them. Try arranging the words in unacceptable ways and asks students if the examples are acceptable. Then, ask them to explain what's wrong!

In Activity 2, the word tiles can be arranged into questions, and in Activity 3, students should compose commands.

Less confident students should be reminded to use capital letters as clues - the word with the capital letter is the first word in the sentence. Don't forget to add final punctuation!


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