Clause types in context: Activity

You’re visiting a friend’s house. You’re in a cold room and the window is open. What can you say to each of the following to get the window shut?

  1. your friend
  2. your friend’s grandmother
  3. your friend’s annoying little brother

You’re carrying several boxes of books. Then you drop one, spilling its contents all over the floor. You need help and there are people around who could be of assistance. What do you say to each of the following?

  1. a close friend
  2. a complete stranger who looks a lot older than you
  3. a group of primary school children walking by

You’re at a friend’s house and their dad has cooked dinner. You can’t eat what he’s cooked as you have an allergy to one of the ingredients. What could you say to each of the following people?

  1. your friend
  2. your friend’s dad
  3. your friend’s older sister

You’re in the student common room at college trying to work on an English Language project. You’re trying to concentrate, but someone nearby is talking loudly on their phone. What would you say if the person on the phone was each of the following?

  1. another student
  2. one of the dinner ladies
  3. your head of year


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