Playing with person: Activity

I’m sitting here looking out of the window. Nothing’s happening; it never does. I sit here every day for hours on end, just looking. Looking for what? I don’t know. They never told me what I should be looking for. And I’ve never found out.

I once thought I’d found something, but I couldn’t be sure. It might just have been a trick of the light. How was I to tell?

It was bitterly cold and Susannah felt the chill eating into her bones. She jammed her hands deeper into her pockets and tried to soak some more warmth out of the depths of her coat.

The car would have to come by soon, surely. The message had said ten minutes past eleven exactly but she'd been here for a good five minutes now and it hadn't gone by. She tested the rifle's mechanism one more time and trained the sight on the point in the road where the Minister's car would pass. She thought she could hear the hum of a distant engine getting steadily louder.

Just keep watching. Just keep waiting, she thought to herself as her finger closed around the trigger.

For twelve years, Kayleigh has been living with uncertainty.

Her mum is mentally ill and can't look after herself, let alone Kayleigh or her two little brothers. Her dad is struggling to cope with the demands of a job and a family that seems out of control

What chance have any of them got?

Kayleigh's support worker doesn't see it quite like this:

I've been working with Kayleigh and her family for just under six months and I can already see really positive changes in her life. I've seen her start attending school again and make real progress with her reading and writing. She's coming out of her shell more too and, for me, that's something that's priceless.


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