Englicious and cookies

What are cookies?

You may have heard stories in the press about 'cookies'. Cookies are small units of data that are stored on your computer that can be created and accessed by a website. Cookies allow one web page to store some information and make it accessible by another. They are necessary for many sites, and should be harmless. 

On some websites, typically shopping sites, this information can be used to track your preferences for buying certain products. If you look at a raincoat or a garden shed on one website, and find yourself seeing advertisements for raincoats and sheds on another, you are probably seeing a cookie being used!

The UK Government has ruled that all websites, like ours, must notify you if we use cookies, and seek your informed consent. 

How Englicious uses cookies

Englicious does use some cookies. However we do not use them for advertising purposes. We use them for the following reasons.

Since they are unavoidable, the simplest approach is for us to say the following: By using Englicious you consent for us to use cookies.

If you are not happy about this then please do not use the site!