07: Sentence patterns

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Objective: grammar

To understand the grammatical characteristics of the sentence patterns statement, question, command, and exclamation in English, and how they are used.

Objective: writing

To explore what role sentence patterns play in writing, and to apply this to the pupils’ own writing.

Terminology for pupils:

statement, question, command, exclamation

Let's look at two sentences:

What's the difference between these two sentences? When would you use these sentences?

In English we have four different types of sentence patterns:


Look around the classroom. Make as many statements as you can about what you see.


Can you think of examples where we use statements and questions in the classroom?

In this exercise say whether each sentence is a statement or question (punctuation has deliberately been left out):




In this exercise say whether each sentence is a command or exclamation (punctuation has deliberately been left out):


Now let's think about sentence patterns in writing. Imagine that we could travel to the middle of the Earth, and that your friend Kadidja tried to persuade to come with her on the trip. She says this to you:

Now look at these questions:

  1. Would you go with Kadidja to the middle of the Earth? Why? Or why not?
  2. Can you spot the different sentence patterns (statement, question, command, exclamation)?
  3. What is each sentence pattern used to do? For example: It makes a statement, asks a question, etc.

Now create your own piece of writing. Try to use at least one statement, question, command and exclamation. You can choose from the following topics, or use your own topic:

Can you think of three things you have learnt about sentence patterns?


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